Soothing accessory for horses AnxiKalm 1,2 Kg

Soothing accessory for horses AnxiKalm 1,2 Kg


AnxiKalm Compete is a natural, soothing accessory. Ideal for sports horses, young horses and horses that have difficulty traveling, restless horses and those starting to compete. Get rid of your horse's nerves without compromising performance. AnxiKalm Compete contains only authorized ingredients.


Symptoms : nervousness, stress, impatience

  • Product information

    Why is AnxiKalm Compete suitable?
    Each horse is unique, adapts differently and reacts in certain situations and therefore needs a preparation that allows it to adapt better.


    How AnxiKalm works:
    It provides the perfect balance of Magnesium, L-Tryptophan and B Vitamins, which support the reduction of nervousness and the risk of developing a stress-creating situation. Long-term contribution to the balanced state of the body.
    Magnesium is a key component in ensuring the integrity of nerve endings. Decreased magnesium levels can be caused by stress, nervousness and tense situations. Therefore, regular replenishment is important. Magnesium is a key component to ensure integrity or nerve endings. Low magnesium levels can also be caused by stress or nervousness, so it is important that it is supplemented.

  • Feeding Recommendations

    Recommended dosage for adult horse (500 kg)


    AnxiKalm Compete - powder form


    Give one measuring cup a day and one measuring cup for 3 to 4 hours before stressful activities. Measuring cup contains 30 gm.


    1.2 kg powdered AnxiKalm Compete - 40 days


    30 ml gel AnxiKalm Compete - disposable quick help


    AnxiKalm Triple Strength Gel 30ml


    Administer 30 ml (1 syringe)
    2-3 hours before stress activity.

  • Composition of the product and its ingredients

    AnxiKalm Compete - powder form


    Magnesium oxide 333 000 mg
    L-tryptophan 49,000 mg
    Vitamin C 6 600 mg
    Vitamin B1 4 400 mg
    Niacin 3,300 mg
    Vitamin B6 1700 mg
    Vitamin B2 1200 mg
    Folic acid 329 mg


    AnxiKalm Triple Strength Gel 30ml


    L-tryptophan (amino acid) 3,810 mg
    B-complex vitamins:
    thiamine 73 mg, niacin 25 mg,
    pyridoxine 2.5 mg

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