Senior Aid for older dogs 250 ml

Senior Aid for older dogs 250 ml


SeniorAid contains nutrients that older pets have an increased demand for, but their bodies are no longer able to produce them in sufficient quantities for themselves and do not produce them enough for themselves. It is recommended that SeniorAid be given before the signs of old age appear.


Improves heart, blood vessel and muscle function. It supports the immune system and brain activity.



  • Product information

    Brain function- SeniorAid contains phosphatidylserine, which is important for reducing neuronal degeneration. SeniorAid contains strong antioxidants (vitamin E and C). The brain is prone to free radical damage due to its high rate of oxidative metabolism, high lipid content and limited regenerative capacity. SeniorAid contains high levels of B vitamins, which are coefficients in the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

    Immune system - SeniorAid contains beta-glucan, which affects the immune system

    Joint mobility - SeniorAid contains glucosamine, chondroitin and Omega-3 fatty acids. These additives help joint mobility and improve the production of new cartilage.

    Heart function - SeniorAid contains L-carnitine, which helps the heart muscles function. This proved to be insufficient in older dogs.

    Weight loss -SeniorAid contains essential fats of acid (omega-3 and 6) and L-arginine. These additives can inhibit lipolysis and muscle protein degeneration associated with weight loss.

    Eye Health - SeniorAid contains L-taurine, an amino acid essential for retinal function.

  • Dosage

    Animal weight / Recommended dosage

    Weight / Dosage

    5 - 10 kg / 5 ml per day

    10 - 20 kg / 10 ml per day
    20 - 30 kg / 15 ml per day


  • Composition of the product and its ingredients

    Dextrose, sorbitol, molasses, glucosamine (300 mg / 10 ml), omega-3 (125 mg / 10 ml), chondroitin (120 mg / 10 ml), phosphatidylserine 20% (100 mg / 10 ml), betaglucan (10 mg / 10 ml)

    Vitamins and pro-vitamins mg / kg -

    vitamin E 2 880 mg

    Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) 560 mg

    vitamin B2 144 mg

    vitamin B1 40 mg

    vitamin B6 40 mg

    vitamin B12 3.2 mg

    Amino acids mg / kg -

    cysteine 20,000 mg

    L-arginine 15,000 mg


    L-tartrate 10,000 mg

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