Multivitamin Supplement RevitalAid for dogs and cats

Multivitamin Supplement RevitalAid for dogs and cats


RevitalAid provides a complete combination of minerals and vitamins to provide the necessary daily dose for dogs and cats.


It contains 18 important vitamins for the overall functioning of the body.


Promotes health and vitality.


It strengthens the immunity, memory and activity of the cardiovascular system.


When to use: after illness, during convalescence and regeneration, during post-trauma, infections, after surgery, during pregnancy

  • Informácie o produkte

    RevitalAid has been specially developed to help improve your appetite. The tasty caramel flavor is very popular in dogs and cats and the liquid form is easily absorbed.


  • Feeding Recommendations

    Animal weight / Recommended dosage

    Weight / Dosage

    Up to 5 kg / 2.5 ml daily

    5 - 10 kg / 5 ml daily

    10 - 20 kg / 10 ml daily

    more than 20 kg / 15 ml daily

  • Zloženie výrobku a jeho prísady

    1 pumpička - mg/ kg  

    Vitamín C 14400 mg

    Vitamín B3 11800 mg

    Vitamín E 115200 mg

    Vitamín A 10400 mg

    Vitamín D3 6000 mg

    Vitamín B2 3940 mg, 

    Vitamín B6 970 mg,

    Vitamín B1 900 mg,

    Kyselina listová 220 mg

     Biotín 110 mg

    Vitamín B12 70 mg

    Cholín chlorid 0,18 mg

    Stopové prvky mg/kg: 

    Zinok (E6) ako síran zinočnatý 36940 mg

    Železo (E1) ako ferrous AA chelát 25910 mg

    Selén (E8) ako L-selenometionín 20000 mg

    Mangán (E5) ako síran manganitý (II) 1460 mg

    Jód (E2) ako jodid draselný 590 mg

     Meď (E4) ako meďnatý (II) sulfát 10 mg

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