Multivitamin Supplement and Iron Boost Plus Vitamin

Multivitamin Supplement and Iron Boost Plus Vitamin


Iron Boost Plus is a multivitamin supplement that supplies the necessary vitamins and minerals that horses are often not included in the diet or pasture. Iron Boost Plus helps improve growth, development, appetite, performance and coat.


Symptoms : slow development, appetite, poor performance, poor health

  • Product information

    Iron Boost Plus helps supplement the required amount of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids important in the growth of young horses. Iron Boost Plus helps supplement the vitamins B and iron needed to support red blood cell synthesis. Iron Boost Plus delivers antioxidants A, D, E plus and selenium to improve performance and relieve stress.


    As a liquid, it is absorbed into the body immediately and provides everything the horse needs to achieve maximum health, performance and vitality.

  • Feed Recommendation

    Foal (3 months / weaned) - 12.5 ml daily


    One year (2 years / older horses)
    During training sessions and competitions - 25 ml daily


    Horses on mild to moderate regime - 12.5 ml daily
    Summer - 25 ml daily
    Winter - 50 ml daily


    Last 3 months in pregnant mare - 50 ml daily


    In the farm - 50 ml daily
    In rest - 25 ml daily

  • Zloženie výrobku a jeho prísady

    Zložky Iron Boost Plus (mg / kg):

    Železný komplex 12 000 mg
    Selén 20 mg
    Meď Complex 3,200 mg
    Draslík 4,400 mg
    Vitamín B1 (tiamín Hcl) 896 mg
    Glukonát zinočnatý 6 000 mg
    Vitamín B2 (Riboflavín Hcl) 544 mg
    Jód 128 mg
    Vitamín B6 (pyridoxín Hcl) 192 mg
    Kobalt 40 mg
    Vitamín B5 (Pantotenic) 656 mg
    Vitamín E 8 000 mg
    Vitamín B12 40 mg
    Vitamín A 800 mg
    Vitamín B3 (niacín) 1,184 mg
    Vitamín D3 480 mg
    Kyselina listová 400 mg
    Lyzín 9 568 mg
    Mangán 16 224 mg
    Metionín 4 000 mg
    Biotin 120 mg
    Cholínchlorid 8 000 mg

    Obsahuje aj : dextrózu, sorbitol a trstinovú melasu 


    Typická analýza%

    Surový sacharid 21%
    Dusíkaté látky 2%
    Surové oleje a tuky 0,5%
    Surové vlákno 1%
    Surový popol 2,5%
    Vlhkosť 73%

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