Crystalina Dogs

Crystalina Dogs


Crystalina Dogs helps

- maintain the balance of the intestinal flora and intestinal tract,

- reduce bad blood cholesterol,

- remove dangerous substances from the body - toxins, microorganisms, acids, metals,

- strengthens the immune system,

- improve the quality of fur and skin,

- in the case of gastrointestinal disorders and the breakdown of excess fat,

It supports the drug treatment of infections, inflammation and promotes detoxification of the body

  • Product information

    Crystalina Dogs is a natural supplementary food that acts as a multifunctional natural ballast substance, load remover.

    Regular use of this supplement contributes to the overall harmonization and strengthening of the body, to the improvement of the mental mood of the animal and, in an endless way, to the reduction of the smell of excrement.

  • Dosage

    1 g (approx. Half a teaspoon) per 100 g daily ration.

  • Composition of the product and its ingredients

    Analytical components:

    • Ash: 82.32%
    • Fiber: 1.28%
    • Nitrogenous substances: 3.05%
    • Oils and fats: 0.16%

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