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About the Nutriscience

NutriScience is a leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements for animals, especially horses, dogs and cats. The NutriScience brand was founded in Ireland in 1999, and behind the success of this brand lies a unique composition that provides comprehensive nutrition for a specific problem.

NutriScience can be used by animals that are physically loaded, e.g. due to sports, as well as pets.

All NutriScience products are clinically tested, certified by the GMP + feed safety certificate and all products are doping free.

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We do not spare with a dose of health

500 ml of joint nutrition for dogs and cats and a FREE multivitamin for dogs and cats, which contains 18 important vitamins supporting immunity and overall health

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You save 3 times

You save € 156

When purchasing the 5 liter Arthri Aid

- high-efficiency joint nutrition for horses,

you get Gastro Care

- a gastric vitamin for digestion for your father for FREE

Contact us

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by chat here on the web or on Facebook. As the exclusive distributor of NutriScience for Slovakia and the Czech Republic, we will professionally advise you on dosing depending on the weight of the animal and the acuteness of the problem.

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Supplementary nutrition for horses, dogs and cats

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